Alpi Polonia as a partner of Albini&Pitigliani

Alpi Polonia as a partner of Albini&Pitigliani. A common mission in international transport.

Running a business in the transport industry requires many sacrifices, implementing new solutions and the mission that guides the entire brand. We share common goals with Albini&Pitigliani. Joining a group with such a long history also brings many other benefits to our brand. Check out the advantages of membership in the Italian organization, which dates back to 1945.

Check why Alpi Polonia joins the ranks of Albini&Pitigliani. The history, common goals and location of this group are our benefits.

Albini&Pitigliani – an organization with roots in sunny Italy

The Albini&Pitigliani company dates back to 1945. When World War II was ending in Europe, two friends in Italy decided to rent a truck to start a business in the textile industry. The small town located in Tuscany soon became the main cluster of the textile industry, supplying products and semi-finished products to all of Italy. The partners’ persistence and hard work resulted in national success.

In the 1960s, the company was already developed enough to support European countries in rebuilding the textile industry, which was destroyed after the tragic war. Even though Albini&Pitigliani’s offices were located only in Italy at that time, the company operated dynamically in some European countries, which was also a huge benefit for the entire Italian economy.

The expansion of traffic to foreign markets ultimately led to the creation of company branches in Europe. In 1984, the first office was established in Amsterdam, and during the next decade another 12 offices were established in other European countries. In 1990, the first office in the USA was established.

Thanks to its steadfastness, the Italian company has become a global giant. The vast experience and large capital at our disposal meant that not only land transport, but also sea and air transport was used in logistics processes. Taking over subsequent trade routes, the ranks of the Italian brand continued to grow. To optimize the quality of services provided, the multi-generational company decided to create a modern ICT platform, which initiated the creation of the Alpi World portal.

 Based on culture and family values, the Alpi group has become a global giant that brings together members from all over the world. The cyclical organization of several-day conventions shows how this network of partners operating in the transport industry is growing.

Our benefits of membership in Albini&Pitigliani

By joining the Albini&Pitigliani group, we have become a member of a team that is based on history, draws knowledge from experience and the most important family values. Moreover, the history of Albini&Pitigliani proves that even small family businesses have a chance to become international giants.

The goals of the Alpi World are close to the managers, members and employees of Alpi Polonia. Together, we focus on integrated development so that our employees feel safe and our customers receive deliveries on time. This is the only model of cooperation worth pursuing in the 21st century in the transport industry. Establish cooperation with our representative – we will deliver your goods to the indicated address within the specified time. Contact us – choose Alpi Polonia.