We will deliver your goods even in a few hours

Make sure your goods arrive quickly, safely and seamlessly – to any point on the world map.

We will take care of their comprehensive service: from completing formalities, to loading and flight, to unloading and delivery straight to the destination.

Who is air freight for?

Transporting cargo by plane is an option reserved mainly for companies that want to ensure safe and, above all, very fast transport.

Its specificity (including limited weight, size and relatively high costs) means that it is reserved for specific products.

It works perfectly if you want to deliver cargo that is characterized by: high value, short shelf life, high level of urgency (e.g. documents, medicines, life-saving equipment, etc.).

As part of our support, we provide full air transport services – from boarding and loading, through flight, to unloading at the target location.

If you want fast and safe transport, please contact us.

Why is it worth it?

Find out what are the main advantages of our air transport services.

20+ destinations around the globe

We specialize in exporting goods over long distances.

Loads delivered within 48 hours

Air transport is characterized by safety, but above all – speed.

We carry out it in a door-to-door system, which guarantees you certainty and, above all, punctuality of each delivery.

Full service – formal and transport

We use a wide network of connections and business partners from around the world who support us in the most important areas.

Thanks to them, we will take care of every aspect of your transport, including:

  • Planning and organizing routes.
  • Selection of carriers.
  • Receipt and securing of loads.
  • Dealing with all formal issues.
  • Delivery of goods to the indicated location.