Road Transport

The strong suit of the company is road transport called groupage which includes storage, consolidation as well as distribution of loads. Our main specialty is transport from Poland to Italy and from Italy to Poland.

Advantages of cooperation:

  • Safety

    We are aware that it is important to provide safety for every load. Because of that drivers of AL- PI Polonia are only those trusted and verified ones. Our storage area is equipped with industrial cameras and it is under constant 24 hours surveillance of security agency.

  • Delivery Punctuality

    We guarantee regular line of general cargo on the way from Poland to Italy. Thanks to that you can be sure that your order will be realized on time.

  • Constant Contact

    The priority of our actions is the satisfaction of the customers. Because of that we provide the opportunity to be in touch with the company constantly and make it possible to choose the place of delivery and the time precisely.

  • No Middlemen

    To pass the goods to middlemen is almost always bear with the risk of mistake. In order to eliminate this risk we maintain direct contact with partners in Italy or other chosen country.
    It is essential to add that in Italy we have four terminals: Milan (20060), Prato (59100), Como (22020), Reggio Emilia (42015). Well- developed base make it possible to deliver goods directly.

  • Advantageous Location

    AL-PI Polonia is placed in the center of Poland. Thanks to that we are able to organize perfect transport to every place in the country.

  • Luxury of Cooperation

    Our customers are provided with full comfort of cooperation. We owe a base of cars with different loadings and it allow us to rise to every, even the most atypical, order. Every loading is delivered in „door-door” system. It is also possible to receive goods in the indicated warehouse individually.