Air Transport

Offered by us air transport include import as well as export of goods in „door-door” system.

Air transport is destined to:

  • Packages that should be delivered off-hand including courier parcels,
  • Priority documents and valuable products,
  • light and small packages

Advantages of cooperation:

  • Speed

    Air transport is one of the fastest way to deliver a loading to its destination. Clients who use air transport can count on fast delivery to chosen place all over the world.

  • Safety

    We cooperate only with verified airlines. It is the reason why our service is on the higher level with maintaining worldwide standards. Moreover, „door- door” system provides deliver without any problems such as lost or damage of the package.

  • Adjustment to your needs

    We know that air transport guarantee only partially delivery to the destination. That is why we organize further parts of transport as well.

  • Foreign and national clients

    We owe broadly developed network of foreign partners. That is why we can serve air transport to clients for the country and those from abroad.

  • Competitive prices

    We are able to guarantee low prices and they are not influence the highest standards of our air transport.