Terms of delivery are the set of rules determining commitments of both parties – buyer and seller. They name who and when carry the risk and costs connected with insurance of the package.

FORAWRDING is a activity connected with sending or reception of the package, organizing the process of its transport, sometimes only partially and other different doings involving the organization of the process of package transport and its movement ( transport advising, insurance, reloading, storage, packaging, distribution, logistic services etc.)

20ft- 11 europallets.

40ft- 23 euro pallets.

20ft – 5883mm x 2330 x 2355 (length x width x height).

40ft– 12010mm x 2337 x 2371 (length x width x height).

ADR is French abbreviation of „Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Rout” – it is international convention regulatoring rules of road transport of dangerous loadings. It is common that according those rules a package can be definite as dangerous.

Integration of packages means that few smaller packages sent into one direction are combined into one. Forwarder creates separate consignment note.

FTL is the abbreviation of Full Truck Load

LLCL is the abbreviation of Less than Container Load

ETA is English abbreviation of „Estimated Time of Arrival” and it mean estimated time od the ship entering any port.

ETD is the English abbreviation of ”Estimated Time of Departure” and it means estimated time of the ship leaving any port.