About us

Who are we

Alpi Polonia is fully professional company specializing in transport and shipment of different loads. We successfully realize orders that can be transported from Poland to Italy, from Italy to Poland , and to the USA and Canada.

We have been present on Polish market constantly since March 1999 and we have the rule of individual approach to every customer and every order. Thanks to that our customers can count on adapted offer based on the type of service and specification of freight. The expanded network of partnership localized all over the world and co-work with qualified workers we are able to receipt of different types of loads such as : container shipment, air and vehicular transport.

We are aware that one of the most important arguments in choosing the given service is price. That is why we have broad spectrum of organization possibilities. It allows us to offer inviting prices suited for every need of our customers.

Our mission

openness, activity, responsibility, TRANSPORT, passion, creativity, flexibility, commitment.

Values that we share are the ground basis of our success.

The motto of our company are close relations with contractors and flexibility in business relations.
Our mission is the highest quality of services and suited offers for every customer.

Albini & Pitgiliani

AL-PI Polonia is the only and official representative of Italian transportation company Albini & Pitigliani.

Albini & Pitigliani is a company established on 2nd of August 1945 by two friends Albo Albini and Sandro Pitigliani in Prato, Tuscana. Thanks to over seventy years of history of the company it grounded the highest standards in management of chain od delivery including storage, customs clearance, road, air and marine transport.

AL- PI group has over 80 departments tightly co-working with each other all over the world, almost 1000 workers, 20.000 international clients. Even though, the motto „family business” is still present. That is the reality of AL- PI.